Get Registered, Get Swag, Get Stoked

2016 Melges 24 World Championships - Miami, FLGet Registered, Get Swag, Get Stoked


Get Registered, Get Swag, Get Stoked is our Early Paid Registration Incentive package. Early Incentive V1I really hate it when as the regatta gets closer the actual participation numbers fall, we’ve all seen it in other classes, and at other events. In an effort to counter act the attrition rate we are offering a lot of cool incentives to make it a little more worthwhile for you to make that name on the list equal a boat on the starting line. If you pay the regatta entry fee before March 31st, you will receive some really cool swag from our sponsors, as well as some things that will definitely enhance your overall regatta experience. First off you will get 2 “All Inclusive” passes for all of the social activities that we are planning ( 200.00 value). Every day after sailing, there will be bands playing, food cooking and beverages flowing. You will have 2 free passes for this aspect of the social events which means, you can stuff your face , drink to your hearts content ( or skippers dismay) and get down with some of the best bands and DJ’s you have seen at any event you have ever been to. So for 8 days 2 of your crew are set for food and drink on site. What you do after that is up to you but we will make sure you have plenty of each while you are in our care. Next up is a bottle of delicious rum from Papas Pilar. A bottle of free booze? Yes, even more adult beverage options for you to enjoy. Musto and Line Honors are providing all of the official regatta gear. That means you get a selection of the official gear far before anyone else will have an opportunity to see it let alone buy it. And we are gonna be designing some killer kit man. The last 2 incentives  are purely designed to help enhance your overall regatta experience ( much like the free rum will).  Priority docking will mean your boat will not be stuck in a corner of the marina that fills up with floating coconuts and palm fronds and a nice brown scum line on your boat. You will be right next to the ramp, or closest to the exit, kind depends on you and what you define as “priority”. The final prize to stoke you is you get to pick your own bow number. Whether it be your sail number, your past event lucky bow number or just a random set of digits, the pick is yours. Know this however, the bow numbers will dictate the order of haul out, so having the record number 130 on your bow might seem cool, just remember that your boat will be the last one out of the water with that logic. Anyway, lets not let this event go down that familiar path of shrinking participation numbers, make your boat count and complete your registration before March 31st (Get Registered), receive all sorts of cool kit, and incentives (Get Swag) and make sure you are on the line for the Biggest Melges 24 World Championship in history. (Get Stoked).